About the brand

Bianca by Bianca Ingrosso is a feminine, edgy, practical and conscious brand where function meets fashion. To work focused, structured and smart is more important than working long hours. 

Several of products within the segment where function meets fashion will be developed and launched. And always with a purpose to create a higher value. 


Our manifest

To you, who sets #goals

This is a tribute to you, who are in constant motion. To those who strive forward, but never too fast. To those who focus, work smart, and achieve their aspirations without compromising wellbeing. To those who affirm their femininity and dare to stand out. To those who appreciate both function and elegant design. To those who just started their career or landed their dream job.

Bianca by Bianca Ingrosso is a brand for you, who appreciates having things in order whilst packaged in style and elegance. In a world where everyone’s lives are becoming more hectic and everything must be done hastily, we’re in greater need of technology to assist us in achieving our goals. We now offer something to protect our belongings without compromising our appearance. Our covers suit life in school as well as life in the office. 

Reach further towards your goals and follow us on our journey at Bianca by Bianca Ingrosso.

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